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Focusing on the Light

Have pity on me, Lord, for I am weak; heal me Lord, for my bones are racked. Psalm 6.2

Ann has stage four ovarian cancer and has been fighting it mightily for over a year. Recently she decided to stop treatment saying she had had a good life and much to be thankful for and maybe now it was time to go home. But then she discovered the gift of telling her story. As she proceeded, it became very clear that much of her life had been spent focusing on the light instead of wallowing in the darkness. After a couple of weeks of recounting her incredible story, she regained a will to live, recommitted to chemo, and rediscovered that light within her on which she had focused most of her life. Ann's story will be told here throughout the season of Advent to remind us of the power of focusing on the Light. Though she was weak and her bones were racked, the Light of Love has compelled her to go on!

Thanks be to God!

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