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I belong to a sacred group of women who gather regularly to write spiritual autobiography. We laugh and cry together, share deep veins of truth with each other and most of all love each other. Today we will gather with others to share our journey and invite them in to this sacred process.

I will offer this prayer as we open our time together, and I share it here knowing that many of you have sacred stories to tell and might be interested in joining us or starting your own group.

Oh Gracious and most Holy God,

We gather before you in this Holy Season of Coming and Waiting

To ponder our stories,

to “pull blinders off our eyes”*

and to listen to the Important in our lives.

We know that you honor the raw material of our lives

and that when we honor it and share it,

we bring new order and clarity to it.

We know that

“a good story allows us

to wrestle with our demons,

to dance with our angels,

to make plans with our inner guide,

and ultimately to connect with our soul.”*

And we know that when we connect with our soul,

we are at home in you.

Bless each of us here today

as we share and learn, laugh and maybe cry,

all the while reflecting on our lives and your Holy Presence in them.

We ask this in the name of the One who came to earth

to teach us the greatest Love story of all

your Son,

our Savior Jesus Christ.


*The Gift of Stories: Practical and Spiritual Applications of Autobiography, Life Stories, and Personal Mythmaking by Robert Atkinson

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