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"The Irish monks felt called to a particular kind of journey called 'peregrination', which was a pilgrimage for the love of Christ without a destination in mind. The practice was to step into a small boat called a coracle, without oar or rudder, and let the current carry them to the place of their resurrection. They yielded their own agendas and plans to the current of love, trusting in this deeper wisdom at work in water and wind, on behalf of the One who opens the way before us."

--- Christine Valters Paintner, PhD, Sacred Seasons: A Yearlong Journey through the Celtic Wheel of the Year - A Self-Study Online Retreat

Peregrination is a new word for me, and I love it!!! Of course the peregrine falcon immediately comes to mind...the magnificent bird of prey, largest of its kind, that dives and stoops to catch its prey. But the word peregrine means travel, journey, trip. So the naming of this bird implies that it was known for its habit of travel, perhaps even travel with no destination mind.

What a beautiful thought: to be on a journey for the love of Christ "without an oar or a rudder" letting the "current of love" move you along.

What would that journey look like for you? Figuratively speaking, what would be your coracle? What personal agenda would you need to abandon? And the most beautiful "what if"... What would it feel like to be on the "current of Love on behalf of the One who opens the way before us?"

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