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Surprised by Joy

So many people are reaching out with comforting thoughts, prayers and offerings. Though we are a people in crisis, we are also a people in love. If you are in public these days, you'll notice people look at each other with understanding eyes even six feet apart. People smile at each other and even drivers seem to be a little bit kinder.

Have you noticed how much more you see the little things in the world? We have no idea what today will bring, but if it's like the last many days, it will bring news of more cases of and deaths from coronavirus and more dismal news about the economy. So I recommend not looking at the news.

I recommend being surprised by the joy of the little things. And I promise once you start, you will be overwhelmed by what you see. For example, you don't have to look far to see changes in nature everyday as we formally moved into the season of spring last week. Make a list of what you see and then check back and note how it has changed and grown even more beautiful.

Listen to the birds and try to recognize their calls. Reach out to someone who is alone and listen to their joy and appreciation for the call!

I can't look ahead right now, I can't worry about what tomorrow is going to bring because I will collapse in a puddle of self woe. But I can look around me and see the Grandeur of God in the Creation and be surprised by the joy of being able to see and rejoice over those beautiful little things that have been there all along.

Oh my...just heard the first bird of the morning!

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