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Resurrection in Nature

Here is a discarded Christmas tree. I saw it on the side of the road, uprooted and lying on its side. And when I looked closer, I discovered the new growth all over it. Its root ball was out of the ground, but somewhere there must have been a single strand of root receiving sustenance from the ground giving it the nutrients necessary to bring new life.

I love spring because it is God's way of making sure we cannot miss the reality of resurrection.

As we end our celebration of the Easter season and prepare to remember the Ascension and then the Pentecost coming of the Holy Spirit, I pray that our understanding of Resurrection is even more pronounced this year as we come out of, rise up from, and are renewed by this time of quarantine and major correction in our world. What will our new growth look like? How will we be changed? Where will we see or be seen as signs of growth where there didn't seem to be any hope?

I will never forget these beautiful spring green tips. Such a sign of hope in this confusing world.

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