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As long as the sun and moon endure...

And so we fact we have waited so long that now it is time for the days to get longer! We have waited ourselves right into the Winter Solstice, the Festival of the Sun as the Chinese call it! Tomorrow the sun comes back.

Does any amount of prayer make this Winter Solstice happen? Does any amount of prayer make us any worthier for God's Love? In fact, does any amount of prayer make God more present in our lives?

It occurred to me this week that what we are waiting for is already here! I it God who is waiting for us to realize God's omnipresence? and psalm 72 today confirms that presence..."He shall live as long as the sun and moon endure, from one generation to another."

It is no coincidence that Christmas is celebrated during the Winter Solstice! The coming of Light into the world was recognized by pre Christian people and God's omnipresence in that coming led those who celebrated the birth of Jesus to incorporate God's Light coming to the world with the Light of the Sun coming back. There is NOTHING we can do to affect God's Light coming to us; it will happen as long as the sun and the moon endure. And as the psalm goes on to say, "there shall be abundance of peace till the moon shall be no more!"

And so we rejoice! The Lights of the Advent season, the synchronicities, the joys, the aha moments have all reminded me that Jesus didn't go anywhere, God didn't go anywhere, the Holy Spirit didn't go was I who wandered, who doubted, who got lost. I would like to say to myself, "Welcome Home!"

Now let the Light shine and "bless God's glorious Name for ever." Will you join me?

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