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Autumn Hues

According to the professional leaf watchers, the peak for the leaf season up here at 3600 feet should be the middle of October. For a newbie to the change of seasons, it's always a thrill when even one tree begins to turn. Though we are only at the end of September, the autumn hues have begun to show. It is still very green everywhere you look, but if you look carefully with thoughts of fall, you can see a yellow hue...Creation is preparing for slumber.

Yet again, I am in awe of how much we can learn from Creation.

For example...the birds are stocking up, and new ones are coming to visit. Yesterday a mr. hairy woodpecker came by to feast. What a magnificent bird. Black and white with a white belly and a red mark on the back of his head, of course the female has no red and is much grayer! This week young mr. rosebreasted grosbeak and his mama frequented the feeders, even though they are a little big for the feeder. However, when I spread seed on the railing of the deck, they must have alerted the rest of their family and a veritable flock of grosbeaks came over.

The pesky squirrels have fled to the lowlands and even the raccoon who prowls at night seems to be gone; I assume they are off in search of "mossy warm caves" and nests for protection.

What can we learn from this season? What must we do to prepare for a necessary season of rest and renewal? What must be cast off from our schedules, lives and surroundings in order to find protection and preparation for rebirth?

I don't have many answers, but I am discovering Creation does. Don't miss her cues in the Autumn hues!


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