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Epiphany Moon

Last night there was a huge bright light in the sky...As we drove into town it followed us, and when we got home we sat out on the bank of the river under its glow. It was a brilliant full moon, and it occurred to me how fitting. How very fitting that on the night of the Epiphany such a bright light would shine in the sky.

Though we don't know much about the wise men whose arrival to honor the child Jesus we celebrate in the Epiphany season, we do know they saw a bright light! And though today we know the moon is not a star, I am not sure the authors of the gospels had the language to tell the difference! All they knew was there was a bright light in the sky.

And so as we sat out there under that great light, I wondered what manifestation that light would usher in during this season. I am not a wise man nor am I magician or a scholar...but I am a pilgrim on a journey in search of encounters with the Living Christ. Lights such as that great light in the sky last night reveal the power of a Great Creator from whom the Living Christ was incarnate. And the movement within me was surely the stirring of the Holy Spirit, God Sustainer, who leads me on my journey.

Isn't it fitting, isn't it just wonderful. In all of Creation we see the presence of God the Three in One. Creation is Trinitarian. Watch for the Lights. Who knows what this season of Epiphany holds for us.


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