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Look up: What do you see?

In the New York Times a few weeks ago, there was a kids' edition which focused on clouds. It was so well done, I decided to send it to my six year old grandson. The centerfold featured a sky with all the different types of clouds labeled, and yesterday as I went over it with Charlie, I dutifully read each type of cloud to him as he stood by patiently waiting for me to finish so he could eat his marshmallow!

The one type of cloud I thought he might know was the contrail left by a jet, because we live near several Navy bases and planes fly over frequently. So I pointed to the contrail and said I thought he might know what it was. and he said...

"That's the one angels make." I almost cried.

What a beautiful image...

Next time you look up, be sure to notice the angel clouds

Of course, his mother explained to me that he was probably referring to the Blue Angels which also fly over frequently, but I choose to think of clouds made by heavenly angels. What about you?


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