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Prayer for Inhabiting Thin Places

Prayer for courage

Courage comes from the heart

and we are always welcomed by God,

the Croí of all being.

We bear witness to our faith,

knowing that we are called

to live lives of courage,

love and reconciliation

in the ordinary and extraordinary

moments of each day.

We bear witness, too, to our failures

and our complicity in the fractures of our world.

May we be courageous today.

May we learn today.

May we love today.



The Irish word Croí (pronounced ‘Kree’) means ‘heart’ and is the name for the chapel space in Corrymeela, a beautiful circular place of prayer, built into the ground, with a living roof and echoes. In the Croí, we have prayers, we had dialogues, silence, and our morning and evening liturgies.

Padraig O Tuama. Daily Prayer with the Corrymeela Community .


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