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Sabbath Signs

Three years ago tomorrow I looked over the valley and saw a full double rainbow and "heard" God calling. With help from a variety of good souls in prayer and study, we discerned what that call might be and acted upon the call in the appropriate way.

Today when I looked out the window and saw this rainbow, my heart leapt and I felt the audible presence of God again. I sensed "a quality, an influence, a consciousness, a beauty at the heart of the unfolding universe and in the dark unknown of the soul." as Suzanne Guthrie said in the piece of hers I quoted yesterday. My Sabbath task yesterday was to look for that beauty, and here it was in my own backyard this morning!

I am finding that Sabbath time each day is essential. A pause, an intentional look, listen or touch to perceive the beauty around us is essential to get through 24 hours.

I pray for all of us to see a rainbow today, literal or figurative, and allow ourselves to savor it and listen to it. God speaks through Creation, oh my does She!


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